'Buying Chanel from Designer Exchange' by Liv Rose

Thursday, 06 April 2017

"I am the sort of person who buys a brand new bag, phone or car and can't touch it for the first few months... So after spending all that money it seems a shame to not be able to use it and love it straight away... Doesn't it?!

Over the past few years I have decided the best way to buy handbags or designer items is by buying them pre-loved, that way you spend a fraction of the price and you don't have that fear of giving it its first scratch or scuff... 

Here's how I bought my first Chanel Classic Flap and how much it cost...

'About half a year ago I was introduced to a shop in London called Designer Exchange, I was merely out for a coffee with a friend but he needed to pick up a new bag he'd bought, I obviously joined him... BIG mistake, it was like taking a kid to a candy shop! It was the best shop I'd ever been to, designer bags everywhere you looked and with a very tempting price tag! We were in no rush so I spent some time looking around, they had every brand you can think of; Hermes, Chanel, Givenchy, Celine, Prada and Dior to name a few... I tried a Valentino bag and a Prada Saffiano Tote, I fell in love with the Prada, it was a blush pink with gold hardware and was perfect for the summer, it was in pretty good condition and only set me back £350. 

Not only do they have a store in London (Knightsbridge) but also in Birmingham, Manchester, Madrid and also an online store, having all the bags online makes it very easy to scope out what's new in, I check every week as the stock comes and goes so quickly!
A few weeks ago I was offered a collaboration with Designer Exchange in which they'd send me a small voucher to buy or put towards a bag with. 
I had been eyeing up a Chanel Classic Flap for quite some time but couldn't quite justify spending the money, so the collaboration worked out perfectly... The bag originally cost £1900 but I only ended up paying £1600 because of the voucher. To buy the bag brand new from Chanel it would have set me back £3990 and I am more than happy with the condition of mine, it came with its dustbag and box and was beautifully packaged.

It's so easy to buy from them and if you see a bag that you like but can't afford, they also offer a service in which you can sell your old designer bags with them. I am yet to do this but my friend Mitch from @thefashionwebb has used them heaps of times and has been more than happy with the price they've given him. 

Remember, the stock comes and goes so quickly so if you see something don't wait around!!'"

By Liv Rose. You can visit her site, YouTube Channel, and Instagram.

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