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Designer Exchange has been busy revolutionising the preloved luxury fashion industry both in store and online since 2013. We are proudly supported by a passionate, diverse and creative team of people from all walks of life and offer the incredible opportunity to work with high-end designers such as Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, or household favourites such as Prada, Celine and Gucci.

Join one of our growing teams today and you’ll have the opportunity to help us reshape the luxury fashion industry, whilst getting hands-on and learning to buy, sell and exchange thousands of unique, authentic designer items from over a hundred famous brands!

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Move over fast fashion! Every day, Designer Exchange buys and sells an extensive range of preloved luxury pieces, creating a community in which designer fashion can be available for every price point, every style and everyone.

Join Designer Exchange and help us in our mission to change the luxury fashion industry - one pre-loved piece at a time.

Our Values

Just like our customers, the team behind Designer Exchange is made up of diverse people from all backgrounds, and we recognise that this inclusivity is what inspires our company to connect, progress, and grow.

We proudly oppose discrimination in every form and welcome applicants from all walks of life - all that matters is your passion and drive. You can read the Inclusivity Declaration here.

Our Teams

From our stores in London, Manchester, Leeds, Kent, Birmingham, and Madrid, to our London Studio, we’re proud to offer a supportive environment with fantastic opportunities for anyone who’s passionate about pre-loved designer fashion.

Are you creative? Ready for a challenge? Then apply today and tell us why you want to join the re-loved revolution!

Current Vacancies

Digital Marketing Manager

London (Brentford)

Job Description


Designer Exchange is seeking a new Digital Marketing Manager to join the growing team. The position is open at the moment but likely to start in early January given the holiday break.

The role is a 40 hours a week job based in Brentford answering to the Strategy Manager.


Formal goals and KPIs for the department and for the employee will be set before the end of Q1 2023 however here are the objectives for the role at present:

  • Lead the marketing department and junior team members
  • Improve social and web presence for Designer Exchange
  • Establish an organised structure to the marketing department (daily social media content, weekly newsletter, weekly blog posts etc)
  • Assist with the ad hoc needs for the business from each department
  • Review and improve content on a consistent basis

Remits & Responsibilities

The Digital Marketing Manager is someone who has experience in developing and executing marketing campaigns whilst managing and inspiring a team. At the moment that team consists of only a Marketing Coordinator who is responsible for the overall organisation of the department (but we are looking to grow that team in 2023).

As well as the below tasks, this role will require a higher level of professionalism. The Digital Marketing Manager will be expected to step up, lead when needed and work fast and to a high standard. They will be kind, personable and expected to be helpful in all situations.

The Digital Marketing Manager will also be expected to be speedy with their approval or rejection of content provided by the Marketing Coordinator. Given the fast nature of the department, we need to move quickly on all opportunities.

The Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for ensuring that all areas of the marketing department are fulfilled as well as be creative when needed and give approval / feedback to the current and future team. This role is a senior position that oversees the department.

The Digital Marketing Manager should be proficient with day-to-day marketing activities, long-term strategizing as well as meeting the company's changing needs.

Below are tasks in which the Digital Marketing Manager will be expected to carry out:

Planning & Organisation

  • Plan an overarching strategy for the department, year on year
  • Encourage the Marketing Coordinator to create and maintain a strong, effective and useful budget, roadmap & calendar
  • Review the budget, roadmap & calendar and present them to senior management every quarter
  • Meet with department heads to establish marketing needs of the business
  • Present marketing department updates as and when required (including efficiency, scope to grow and progress on set tasks)
  • Clear and effective communication with the development team
  • Present to board members, if required
  • Work alongside external companies as and when needed
  • Review and improve branding (possibly with external companies or just when required)
  • Monitor the performance of the Marketing Coordinator
  • Develop the Marketing Coordinator
  • Ensure the Marketing Coordinator has their professional needs met

Store Marketing

  • Visiting the stores
  • Approve content from the Marketing Coordinator
  • Running giveaways / promos with an outlet
  • Collaborate with outlets on events

Social Media

  • Be responsible for the overarching goals of the social media platforms
  • Review performance of social media and report to senior management
  • Oversee and approve social media plans and content provided by the Marketing Coordinator
  • Approve which influencers to work with (and ensure it is arranged)
  • Approving giveaways

Visual Content / Photoshoots

  • Review and approve the calendar for the sliders for the year ahead
  • Provide overarching ideas and themes for the shoots
  • Work with the Stylist to create mood boards for content to shoot
  • Ensure the Marketing Coordinator has planned the logistics of the shoot to a high standard
  • Be present on shoots
  • Ensure health and safety / welfare standards are adhered to on set
  • Review post-shoot analysis and respond accordingly

Blog / Web

  • Approve the Marketing Coordinator’s long form content and schedule
  • Guide the Marketing Coordinator to ensure the blog posts are relevant, on brand and as per the bigger needs of the business
  • Present any larger ideas about changes to the blog to the senior team
  • Guide, review the Marketing Coordinator’s content and approve
  • Approve the Marketing Coordinator’s newsletters and send them
  • Guide the Marketing Coordinator to ensure the newsletters (including welcome series) are relevant and on brand
  • Present any larger ideas about changes to the newsletter to the senior team

There are other tasks in the future such as events, bigger collaborations, marketing of new territories but the above tasks are where the department will be focused on in early 2023.

Digital Marketing Manager

London (Brentford)