Italian brand, Gucci, was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. Gucci, one of the most desirable fashion houses of 21st century, offers a vintage inspired innovative style which is elegant and quirky at the same time. Also described as eclectic, romantic and contemporary Gucci represents Italian craftmanship, highest quality and attention to detail.
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More About Gucci

Over the years, Gucci has become a highly sought after designer brand, offering quirky and contemporary style across its line of clothes, handbags, accessories, shoes, and more. Each collection is different from the next, but still in-keeping with its signature style that is eponymous with the brand and loved by many. At Designer Exchange, we stock many of Gucci’s bestselling shoes, clothes, and accessories, all second hand and in great condition. Whether you are searching for a pair of their popular trainers or a statement jacket to add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe, you are sure to find the new Gucci item you’ll love through Designer Exchange. Not only is every piece on our site in good condition, but it is also properly authenticated by our team of experts, so that you can be sure you are buying the genuine article.
We at Designer Exchange want to create a greener way for fans of luxury goods to shop their favourite designer brands without sacrificing quality. That’s why we created our site and various stores as a more sustainable way to buy clothes, bags, accessories, shoes and more from the high-end labels you love. Whether you are purchasing online or in-store we aim to provide you with the same great service you would get when buying brand new, as well as offering a way for you to sell on your own luxury items you no longer have a use for. So why not shop our choice of second-hand Gucci items from Designer Exchange today.

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