French fashion house, Chanel, was founded in 1909 by Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, and has grown into a staple of fashion and style. Once a milinery shop, Chanel is today immortalized as one of the world’s classic brands crafted to perfection. Chanel offers elegance, style and confidence for women, who are feminine, but not afraid to show their power and independence. If it's your first Chanel or you're building a collection, a Chanel piece is a staple for every woman.
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More About Chanel

Chanel is a brand that is loved by many, having always paved the way when it comes to the latest trends and cutting edge fashion. With a history spanning over one hundred years, the famous fashion house has accumulated dedicated followers, who religiously wait for each new collection to be released. From the newest pieces, to sought-after vintage items, Designer Exchange has a choice of preloved Chanel clothes, bags, handbags, and purses available at discounted prices and in great condition. From the signature quilted cross body, to sequined cocktail dresses and high end trainers, there are so many different items to choose from, to update, or add to your wardrobe and personal style.
We provide a professional service, with our talented team properly authenticating every single item so that you can be sure you’re getting the real thing. Not only this, but Designer Exchange provide you with a greener more sustainable way to shop your favourite luxury brands just like Chanel, avoiding fast fashion and breathing new life into second hand clothes, bags, handbags, and more. Either shop online or in-store, whatever you prefer, choosing from delivery or collection. You can even sell designer items you no longer need, giving you a great price and handling everything so all you have to do is send it over to us. Browse our choice of bags and clothes from Chanel today.

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