Selling Your Items

Unlike everyone else, Designer Exchange is not a consignment store. When you sell to us, you get paid ASAP!

This means that once your item is with us, it will be authenticated, valuated and paid for within 2 working days.

Selling with Designer Exchange

To start, either bring your item to your nearest Designer Exchange store or get a quick quote online to receive your free label to post it in.

Our helpful team members will guide you through every step of the process and ensure that you have either a price you're happy with or your item back with you as soon as possible.

Please note: All customers need to be 18+ with a current driving license or passport.

Become A Member

In order to sell to Designer Exchange, you'll be made a member either online or in-store.

Making you a member is a legal requirement so we may buy from you but please note that Designer Exchange is fully compliant with the data protection laws to ensure your data is safe, and that you are fully aware of how it will be used.

Designer Exchange will only contact you to fulfil business obligations or if you have opted in to receive emails.

Selling Online

Sell Online in a few easy steps:

  1. Submit your item for a free, quick and easy quote.
  2. Get your quote - usually within 1-2 working days - and accept it (choose if you want the bank transfer or voucher)
  3. You will be directed to Royal Mail where you can create a 100% free postage label.
  4. Package up your item and hand it to the courier.
  5. You must then update Your Account with: ID details, address details and bank details (we cannot proceed without these).
  6. Designer Exchange will authenticate and purchase the item. If the final price is the same as quoted or higher, Designer Exchange will process your order. If the final price is less than quoted, you will be contacted to accept the new price (and given an option for us to send the item back to you, free of charge).

Selling In-Store

If you'd prefer, you can sell your items in-store:

  1. Bring your items into your nearest store. You'll be made a member and the items will checked over.
  2. The team will book your items in and submit a quote on your behalf.
  3. The store will then email you your offer for you to accept or reject.
  4. If you accept the quote, there's no need to return and your item will be packaged and sent to our head office for authentication and an in person valuation. You must fill in your details on Your Account section of the website to proceed. However, if you do not accept the quote, you'll have to return to collect your items.
  5. After authentication, if the final price is the same or higher, your order will be processed. If we are unable to buy the item or the price is less after a physical inspection, you will be contacted and options will be given to you (including having the item posted back to your home address for free).

Please Note: If you have more than 10 items to sell, please call the store ahead and they will provide a time that's best for you to visit (or, you can sell online and use the free labels).

Brands Purchased

Designer Exchange buys products from different brands ranging from customer favourites of Chanel, Hermès and Louis Vuitton to wardrobe classics from Balenciaga, Gucci and Prada.


You can check the current list for womenswear here.


Within menswear, we only buy from the below brands:

  • Alexander Mcqueen
  • Balenciaga
  • Balmain
  • Bottega Veneta
  • Burberry
  • Canada Goose
  • Celine
  • Chanel
  • Christian Loubuiton
  • Dior
  • Dolce & Gabanna
  • Fendi
  • Givenchy
  • Gucci
  • Hermès
  • Jacquemus
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Kenzo
  • Loewe
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Moncler
  • Off-White
  • Pangia
  • Prada
  • Saint Laurent
  • Tom Ford
  • Valentino
  • Veja
  • Versace
  • Vivienne Westwood

Pricing Factors

Prices are forumlated based on a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • RRP
  • brand
  • style
  • age
  • condition
  • material
  • colour
  • demand

The prices offered to you are based on a set margin for that designer within that type of item. This means that highly desirable brands like Chanel or Hermès always give you the best profit margin we can offer.

Condition Guides

All the items Designer Exchange buys must be of a certain standard of quality however, whatever can be purchased, is purchased.

If you're not sure if the item you have will be accepted by Designer Exchange before you sell, either check the breakdowns provided below or submit for a free quote.

Handbag & SLG Condition Guide

Designer Exchange cannot accept handbags or SLGs that:

  • are fundamentally damaged (eg: a broken strap)
  • have non-functioning closures (eg: clasps, zips or buckles)
  • have heavy stains to the material (interior or exterior)
  • have missing serial stickers (or serial numbers that cannot be read). This may be acceptable depending on the brand
  • do not have their original designer parts (such as a replaced zip)
  • have extra holes punched into buckle closures (unless professionally done)

Footwear Condition Guide

Designer Exchange cannot accept shoes that:

  • have missing or rubbed off / illegible labels
  • have peeled material or scuffing to the heel
  • are overstretched, creased or misshapen
  • are stained, dirty or have a discoloured exterior of interior
  • have signs of previous use such as sweat marks or toe stains
  • have overworn soles
  • have broken zips, buckles or other fasteners
  • Have strong odours such as smoke, moth balls, sweat, damp or perfume

Clothing Condition Guide

Designer Exchange cannot purchase clothing that:

  • has their designer or care label missing (some vintage pieces may be accepted without labels)
  • have stains (such as alcohol, food, coffee, drinks, perspiration, other bodily fluids or make up)
  • has wear (such as holes, rips, moth holes, pulls, puckering or bobbling)
  • has damage to the material from washing, ironing or dry cleaning
  • has faded or discoloured fabric
  • has been stretched or hardened on materials (such as wool or cashmere)
  • has overstretched elasticated fabric (such as on waistbands or in the crotch)
  • has thinning fabric (such as in worn out knees)
  • has strong odours such as smoke, perspiration, perfume, moth balls, damp or food
  • t-shirts must be brand new and with tags only

Also, please ensure that clothing is washed and cleaned before selling.

Jewellery & Watches Condition Guide

Designer Exchange cannot purchase jewellery that:

  • has been bent out of shape
  • is missing integral components
  • is scratched or heavily worn
  • is missing style/model number

Designer Exchange cannot purchase watches that:

  • do not have a working battery (if battery operated)
  • are not working for any reason
  • have missing links
  • have additional holes added (to buckle bracelets)
  • have drop marks or cracked glass

Scarves & Sunglasses Condition Guide

Designer Exchange cannot accept sunglasses that:

  • are prescription
  • have scratches to the lens
  • are bent out of shape

Designer Exchange cannot accept scarves that:

  • have any burns, pulls, holes or other damage
  • have been stitched up or repaired
  • are missing their brand / care label

Your Payment Options

When you're quoted for your item, you're offered two prices: cash and exchange.

The cash option may be offered as a physical cash option in-store or a bank transfer if you're selling remotely. To accept the bank transfer, please sign into your account and add your UK bank account details there. We cannot see this information so you are responsible for checking it's correct and current.

The exchange option is a voucher that can be handed to you or emailed to you. It lasts over 1000 years and can be used in a UK store or on the UK website.

If you have multiple items on an order, we can process some items as the cash value and some as the exchange value but we cannot split a singular item. For example, you can sell one item for cash and another for voucher.

Rejection Reasons

The common reasons for rejection of an item are that it:

  • is a brand we do not buy
  • is in a lesser condition
  • is not authentic
  • it too dated (not including vintage items)
  • is a basic black piece of clothing (currently Designer Exchange is limiting the black basics that are purchased)
  • is an outlet piece (however not all outlet piece are rejected)
  • has non detachable real fur
  • is a product specific to a tech model such as an older phone case
  • is an item that Designer Exchange deems undesirable or will not sell well

If you decide not to sell once your item is with Designer Exchange (or the item is rejected) then, in most cases, we will post the item back to you free of charge.

Abandoned Goods

After the final quotation, your item(s) will be held for 14 days. If the items are not collected within this time frame then they will be treated as abandoned and likely disposed of.

If you have posted your item(s) in after an online quote then Designer Exchange will contact you to see if it is possible to post the goods back to you at no extra cost to yourself.

Products & Authenticity

All products purchased and sold by Designer Exchange are authentic and covered by a 12 month authenticity warranty from the point of purchase.


All products have been cleaned and readied for sale however if you would like the item to have a final spruce before you take away then just ask us.

As standard practice, all of the jewellery is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised before being sold.


At Designer Exchange, we’re committed to making sure that we operate our business as sustainably as possible. Behind every decision we make, recycling and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Shopping preloved fashion is just one way to contribute towards a circular fashion system by helping to extend the luxury life-cycle rather than contributing to landfills. Selling or swapping your unwanted clothes or bags is a great way to give your items a second chance.

Read our Sustainability Policy here.


Designer Exchange offers a 12-month warranty on all items which covers the authenticity of the item. All items are sold pre-loved and prices reflect their condition.

Designer Exchange does not cover damage or faults occurred after purchase.

Authenticity Promise

Designer Exchange sells thousands of items at any one time which have all been meticulously inspected by highly trained authenticators before being purchased and readied for sale. In-house experts are professionally trained to spot any and all inconsistencies.

Designer Exchange can 100% promise that all items for sale are the genuine article so you can buy with security.


Designer Exchange stores are located in Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kent, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds where we have a team of knowledgeable and friendly sales assistants in all the stores who can help or leave you to shop until you drop.

Designer Exchange also has a store located in Madrid, Spain.

Find Out More

For all our stores, you can see the locations and contact details here.

In-Store Payment Types

The payment methods accepted in-store are American Express, Apple Pay, Visa and Mastercard.

Click & Collect

Once an order has been placed online, you will be emailed once the store has confirmed it is ready for collection. After this, you have 4 days to collect the item and you must show a valid photographic ID such as a driving licence or passport.

If an item is unavailable for Click & Collect, it may be because the store is closed today or tomorrow. Please check the store opening hours for when you can place your order.

Remote Sales

If you've seen something on the website but you're having trouble ordering it online, ask one of our friendly staff members in store to place an order on your behalf to be delivered to your door.

In-Store Returns

Within 28 days of your in store purchase, Designer Exchange offers a refund back to your payment menthod. If this was a voucher then you'll get a new voucher back which is valid for over 1000 years and can be used on anything in-store or online. If this was card, you must provide the card you paid with.

All items must have the returns tag still attached and a valid receipt.

Designer Exchange reserves the right to offer no refund or a partial refund should your item not be returned with either: all that it was sold with or not in the condition it was sold as.

We do not offer a pre-paid returns label but recommend that you use a recognised and efficient courier for your item if you're posting back.

Please note: Designer Exchange currently does not accept returns from the Madrid store in the UK and vice versa.

Reclaiming VAT

Designer Exchange operates under a scheme where you're charged VAT on pre-owned goods, therefore you cannot claim any back.

Sold As Seen

Sometimes you may see products in the store that are reduced significantly. These will be marked as 'Sold as Seen' items and are non-returnable.

In-Store Exclusive

You may have seen some of the items online are marked as 'In-Store Exclusive'.

This means that those products are not available to be purchased online. They also can't be paid for in another way (such as on the phone) or reserved.

Why do we do this? Simply put, new stores will have exclusive stock for a period of time before their products are available to buy online.


Ensuring that you are comfortable in our stores is one of our top priorities.

Each store is on the ground floor however Birmingham and Chelsea store have more products on another floor. Every member of staff would be thrilled to assist if you let them know what you're looking for.

Online Orders

It's super easy and hassle free to buy from by simply adding the items that you want to buy to your basket and following the checkout process. We will take care of the rest!

Your order will be sanitised, packaged and delivered within a few days.

Request More Information is built to show you at the picture of the item (even if the details are not yet filled in).

Therefore, each product page has a button saying ‘Ask a Question About This Item' which will redirect you to a contact form. You can use this form to ask for more information such as measurements or internal pictures.

Building A Wishlist

If you have a certain product in mind that you don't see on the website, you can create an alert for yourself so that you're the first to know when one becomes available to purchase.

Simply sign in and click on the 'Alerts' section of your profile to get started.

Online Payment Types

You can choose to pay by using either a card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna or with a Designer Exchange voucher.

You can also choose from delivery or Click & Collect.

Checkout With Your Card

The cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro.

Please note that when paying by card, Designer Exchange can only ship to the address registered on your online account.

Checkout with a Voucher

If you choose to pay with a Designer Exchange voucher, you will be asked to provide your name and address, as well as the voucher details.

If there is any remaining credit after your transaction, a new voucher will be emailed to you.

Checkout with Apple Pay

Simply begin to checkout with the Apple Pay payment option. Then, review the payment information and continue.

Checkout with Google Pay

Simply begin to checkout with the Google Pay payment option. Then, review the payment information and continue.

Checkout with PayPal

When paying with PayPal, you can checkout directly through your existing PayPal account. If you do not currently have an account, you can check out as a guest. As a guest, you will be asked to provide your card details, billing address, and a delivery address.

If you would like to ship to a different address when paying with PayPal, there is the option to edit your address at the checkout.

Checkout with Klarna

From Klarna, Designer Exchange offers ‘Pay in 3’ and ‘Pay Later’ which are both a credit agreement between the Customer and Klarna:

  • With Pay in 3 you can pay by dividing the cost into three equal instalments
  • With Pay Later, you can pay up to 30 days from the shipment

Both Pay in 3 and Pay Later are available on products between £100 - £1,000.

There will not be any interest, fees or charges for using a debit or credit card from Klarna or Designer Exchange. Klarna accepts most cards except prepaid cards but may not also accept a card that’s due to expire in the near future.

Delivery Timeframes

If you order before 12pm Monday to Thursday then your order will arrive the next day.

If you order after this time, your order will be delivered to you within 2 working days.

Please note: Delivery times will be affected by bank holidays & national holidays and the above information covers orders from to mainland UK.

Delivery Costs

Delivery costs and destinations are as follows:

  • £6.95 - England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Guernsey & Jersey
  • £15.00 - Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands & Turkey
  • £24.00 - Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, USA & Vietnam

These prices are subject to change, and that any additional customs / duties will be payable by the recipient. Also, orders cannot be fulfilled to PO boxes.

Please note: Products containing ostrich, crocodile, alligator or lizard are not available for international delivery.

Click & Collect

Click & Collect is a free service where an item can be collected from a store instead of being delivered.

Once an order has been placed, you will be emailed once the store has confirmed it is ready for collection. After this, you have 4 days to collect the item and you must show a valid photographic ID such as a driving licence or passport.

If an item is unavailable for Click & Collect, it may be because the store is closed today or tomorrow. Please check the store opening hours for when you can place your order, or place the order for delivery instead.

Order Cancellation

If you would like to cancel an order, you have until it is dispatched.

To cancel, please email Customer Services at [email protected] (or the store it's coming from if you know) with your request and include your order number.

If you would like to cancel an order where you paid via Klarna, you must inform Klarna (and us!) and pause billing by choosing that order in the Klarna App and click “Report a problem”. Once Designer Exchange has confirmed the cancellation, Klarna will update the payments accordingly as well as refund any amounts due.


If an item has been purchased on then you have 28 days to return the item for a full refund back to the way you paid. If you're returning the entire of your order, you will also be refunded your initial postage.

Your order will have a returns tag attached which must not be tampered with and still be in place to get your full refund.

We reserve the right to offer no refund or a partial refund should your item not be returned with either: all that it was sold with or not in the condition it was sold as.

We do not offer a pre-paid returns label but recommends that you use a recognised and efficient courier for your item if you're posting back.

Refunds will be processed after inspection within 10 working days and if receiving a refund by card or bank, they may take a further 5 working days to appear in your account.

Please note that Designer Exchange does not accept returns from the Madrid store in the UK and vice versa.


Designer Exchange would love to hear from you. Simply email [email protected] and a member of the Customer Services Department will respond as soon as possible.


Designer Exchange will only contact you to fulfil business obligations to you or if you have opted in to receive our marketing.

Under the GDPR laws, you have the right to erasure. If you wish for Designer Exchange to delete your information, please email [email protected] to make the request.


Join one of our growing teams today and you’ll have the opportunity to help us reshape the luxury fashion industry, whilst learning to buy, sell and exchange thousands of unique, authentic designer items from over a hundred designer brands.

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Inclusivity Declaration

Designer Exchange is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes customers from all walks of life.

We are proud to declare ourselves opposed to discrimination in every form. It is not only the right thing to do, but we believe it makes us stronger. Our inclusive culture is what inspires us to connect, progress and grow.

You can view our inclusivity Declaration here.

Data Protection

Please note that Designer Exchange is fully compliant with the data protection laws to ensure your data is safe, and that you are fully aware of how it will be used.

If you want to close your account (in-store or online) at any time, then please just email [email protected] and it will be taken care of.

Privacy Policy

View our Privacy Policy here.

Within this policy, Designer Exchange hopes to give you a clear understanding of how your data is handled and what options you have as a valued customer.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small piece of data (text file) that a website – when visited by a user – asks your browser to store on your device in order to remember information about you, such as your language preference or login information.

You can view our Cookie Policy here.


Our terms are applicable to the users of the website and any transactions actioned in the stores operated by Designer Exchange or under its licence.

You can view our T&Cs here.