Gucci Launches Interior Collection

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Introducing: Gucci Décor

Gucci is to launch their first home collection; Gucci Décor. The collection has various references to the ready-to-wear collections from the fabrics, to the colours and the embroidery from Alessandro Michele’s new Gucci.

Gucci Décor, new Gucci interior range cushion.

You will soon be able to accessorise your living space with plush velvet fringed cushions, cat motifs and opulent floral silks. 

Gucci Décor, scented candle by Gucci.

Gucci Décor, Gucci silk screen.

Gucci Décor, Gucci chair.

Prices are said to range from around £150 for a scented Gucci candle to around £23,000 for a silk screen. Will you take the plunge for a piece of Gucci romanticism for your home?

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