Blogger series with Claire Chanelle

Friday, 29 September 2017

We asked London girl and our favourite influencer Claire Chanelle of @iamchouquette about her favourite designers and her opinion on pre-owned luxury:

Who are currently your favourite designers/brands?
'In terms of handbags and accessories, my first and real love will always be Chanel. The style suits mine, I love the tomboy edge they exude. I also love the value Chanel holds; I never feel as bad buying Chanel because of the resale value. 

I have always loved Dior but really love the new, more masculine styles like the Diorever and Diorissimo. I actually found the most perfect Diorissimo from Designer Exchange!

But, my new found love is Hermès. I now own three bags; two Kellys and one Birkin. I love the craftsmanship, the simplicity and also the resale value; it’s the best on the market.'

What items are next on your wish list?
'I would love a Hermès Kelly 25 in Blue Lin or a Hermès Constance. I also love the Chanel Gabrielle! My wish list is always never-ending.'

Why do you shop pre-owned?
'Three reasons:
Usually it’s because I missed something in store and it is unavailable to buy new. Three years ago I missed out on the Chanel Denim Boy bag. One year later I found it at Designer Exchange, used but in pristine condition.
I love special vintage bags. I love Chanel from the 90's; it’s exciting when something pops up that was unexpected and a bag no one else has. As much as I love social media, some bags or trends get oversaturated; this is why I love the unique finds even more. With that said, I have always loved vintage bags with a story.
The third reason is sometimes it means I save money. The black Diorama I found at Designer Exchange last Christmas was current season and every Dior store had the exact same bag in stock. However, why buy brand-new when I can find it cheaper and in new condition? The answer is of course, we would all opt for the pre-loved option.'

As you have sold to us in the past, what is it about Designer Exchange that makes you feel comfortable selling with us?
'For me personally, I have be involved with Designer Exchange from the beginning. It’s a team I know and trust. There have been so many occasions where I have been too busy to photograph and do what comes with selling an item; for me it’s a quick and easy way to sell. Yes, not all the time the buying price is as much as if I sell privately, but it’s 100% hassle free so I am fine with this.

I love the personal side of Designer Exchange; I love that fact that they have physical stores and that one-on-one service is still alive!'

Watch Claire’s handbag collection video to see all her amazing Designer Exchange finds:

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