Modesty Dressing

Friday, 13 May 2022
Modesty Dressing designer exchange

Dressing modestly in the past was seen as very conservative and not necessarily “on-trend”. However, modesty dressing is having a moment. You may have seen “How to dress modestly” TikToks and seen more covered-up styles on Instagram. Modesty dressing is all about feeling comfortable but still fashionable.

Women are no longer dressing to be sexy for the male gaze but to feel sexy for themselves. This also means feeling comfortable and shunning restrictive clothing, reaching for 2-piece suits over the bodycon dress.

So how do you dress modestly fashionable and avoid the dreaded “frumpy” look?

Modesty Dressing designer exchange

Midi or maxi dresses look instantly and effortlessly elegant. There is no need to over-accessorize, just add a classic pair of heels.

Modesty Dressing designer exchange

Layering is everything! Take your summer dress, add some tights, and pop it over a buttoned shirt and now you have a whole new outfit for winter. If layers make you feel a bit matronly, then try mixing the textures makes to make your look more fashion and less frump. Leather, lace and denim can all add different dimensions to an outfit without taking anything off.

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