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Tyler x GQ Style

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Tyler The Creator is well known in the fashion industry as well as the music world. He released a collaboration with Converse in 2017 creating a whole new sneaker range called GOLF Le Fleur. Since the collaboration, Tyler has shown previews of new colourway drops throughout the months for fans to look out for. The collection is bold and vibrant which I feel strongly represents how he has changed as an artist throughout the years and mirrors the motif of his recent Grammy-winning album, Flower Boy.

This Autumn, Tyler will feature his first GQ Style cover alongside GQ’s new brand logo and new designs. During an exclusive interview, Tyler addresses his own fashion output and discussing the possibility of designing something in collaboration with a high-end designer, Celine, if he was ever approached.

For the shoot, Tyler personally chose Matthieu Venot, a French architectural photographer, to capture the photos for this Autumn’s cover. The photographs from the shoot are very vibrant shots which are all located in Paris. Tyler expresses in the interview how he does not like the night-time as he saw it as “ugly”. This can be immediately perceived not only through the photoshoot, but also his recent work as he grows from his Odd Future phase in his career.

Tyler has become a huge influence on menswear fashion which goes without question as to why he has been chosen to become the cover of this issue of GQ. Earlier this year, his signature bold and unique style is what struck the media during his Grammy’s red carpet appearance. Tyler was seen wearing his own GOLF t-shirt underneath a baby blue coat and a Louis Vuitton scarf. If he wasn’t breaking the traditional red carpet looks enough, he even wore casual day-to-day cream converse and a traditional Russian hat covering his leopard print hairstyle that he soon revealed seconds during being photographed.

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To read more of the GQ exclusive interview:

Written by: Tabie Ledesma

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