Tips on how to shop for designer items online

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Buying a designer purchase can be daunting, after all dropping a portion (or all) of your month’s pay on a new bag is not something that can be entered into lightly for some of us. To make those purchases a little easier we are sharing our top tips on buying designer items online:

Assess your current bags.

By assessing your current selection of bags it will help you determine what kind of bag you may really need. We’ve listed a few different categories below to help you;

Clutch bag
Travel Bag
Timeless piece
Statement bag
Tote bag
One off bag

If you already have a healthy collection of clutch bags maybe it’s time to invest in an everyday bag. By all means invest in your 5th black clutch bag but if you want your bag to be of good use we strongly advise you to assess your current handbag selection.

Pay close attention

We are all guilty of getting way too excited by an item and hitting that buy button before we have even considered reading the details section but this is the thing standing between us and having to return our dream bag so pay close attention. Check the sizing, the material, condition and the returns policy (this is an important one) and make sure that everything you read is to your likely. There is nothing worse than your bag arriving to find out it’s half the size you originally thought.

Do your research.

If you are an impulse buyer you won’t like this tip but do your research. You wouldn’t book a holiday before reading the reviews (some of us wouldn’t anyway) so why not do it for a handbag or a designer, it is an investment after all. You may find that the straps wear away after only a few wears or that the tan colour you wanted has been known to fade quicker than any other colour. Read reviews, blog posts or search twitter for twitter rants and you will more than likely come across a discussion about the handbag you want to buy and find out everything you need to know.

Get Inspiration.

One of our favourite things to do when shopping online is to get outfit inspiration before committing to a new item, especially if it is a statement piece or a colour our wardrobe may be unfamiliar with. Open up pinterest, type in which bag you want to purchase (for example; Blue Gucci Sylvie) and see how other people style this item, this will give you a clear idea of ways to style your new bag and what items in your wardrobe may already go.