What you Should Know About Chanel Flap Bags

Friday, 27 October 2017

It goes without saying that Chanel are one of the most recognisable brands in the world. But do you know the story behind the most loved flap bag? Below we have listed 8 things every handbag lover needs to know about the Chanel flap bags.

1. Coco Chanel changed history in February 1955, when she debuted the 2.55 moniker shoulder bag. Although she had been designing bags since 1929, the 2.55 was the first time women of a high social status carried a bag on their shoulders before that bags were hand-carried.

2. The signature double CC lock didn’t debut until Karl Lagerfeld added them to the bags in the 1980’s.

3. The interior which is used to line the original flap bags, more specifically, the Burgundy leather was influenced by the uniforms Coco and her fellow charges wore at the convent orphanage.

4. The boy bag was named after and inspired by Coco’s longterm lover, Boy Capel.

5. A 2.55 Flap Bag Only Cost $220 in 1955.

6. The 2.55 bag gets more expensive with each passing year. 

7. Chanel bags have a little zipper compartment under the top flap. Coco hid it there to have a secret spot to stash her love letters as she was having an affair at the time.

8. The name 2.55 is the bag's own birthday

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